2019 Takes The Hill

The Class of 2019, USAFA’s 61st class, “Took the Hill” on the afternoon of September 1st. “Taking the Hill” is a USAFA tradition that entails the members of any specific class sprinting up Spirit Hill, a hill placed in Southeast corner of the grass field on the Terrazzo, in celebration of milestone events. The milestone in question was that the 19ers had only 1000 days remaining as cadets here at the United States Air Force Academy. Although the actual date fell on

the following Saturday, the Class of 2019 took the hill on Thursday during the Noon Meal Formation. The class cheered and celebrated on top of Spirit Hill

as the other three classes marched their way to Mitchell hall for lunch. The class of 2019 was the last to enter but it was the first time that the Class took the hill together and in full force. This was one of the far and few events that remind us that we are a single class despite our designated squadrons here at USAFA. Congratulations 2019, only 1000 days left to go!


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