The Legacy of the Long Blue Line

Well before the Class of 2019 arrived, the United States Air Force Academy had a long and prestigious tradition.  On 1 April 1954, Congress authorized the building of the Air Force Academy, six years after the creation of the Service Academy board by Secretary of Defense James Forrestal.  The next year, construction was begun and the first class was sworn in at Lowry  Air Force Base in Denver, the temporary location of the Air Force Academy.

On 29 August 1958, the Cadet Wing moved to its permanent residence near Colorado Springs.  The Academy was accredited soon after, before the first class graduated.

A Legacy

The Legacy class for the Class of 2019 is the class of 1969.  Their motto is Esse non Videri – To Be, Not To Seem.  Some statistics for the class of 1969:

Entry Date: 28 June 1965

Number Entered: 1058

Graduation Date: 4 June 1969

Number Graduated: 683

On Memorial Wall: 9

Military Pilots: 434

Military Navigators: 39

Astronauts: 1

General Officers: 24

Prisoners of War: 2

Thunderbird Pilots: 2



Information retrieved from Contrails: 2015 -2016