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Cadet Spotlight – Jacob Yarnell


Men’s varsity soccer player, Jacob Yarnell is originally from Austin, Texas and now is a proud member of cadet squadron 9. He is majoring in electrical engineering, aspires to be a pilot and is trying to start an amateur radio club here at the academy. Jacob plays outside back and is a key player since he has already scored two goals this season. Keep an eye out on the field for number 19!

Cadet Spotlight – Logan Ormsby


Originally from Fort Wayne, Indiana, Logan Ormsby is now in Squadron 12 and an economics major. He enjoys reading and playing any kind of sport. However, Logan settled on the Academy’s club handball team and had the opportunity to go to Chicago this past weekend to play other teams from across the nation.  Once commissioned, he hopes to be a pilot of anything that can fly.

Cadet Spotligh – Sean McGinty

seanmcgintyIn the spotlight we have Sean McGinty from cadet squadron 34. He is from Belleville, Illinois and a St. Louis Cardinals fan. During his free time at the Academy, he is part of the cadet chorale and hopes to be involved with the mountaineering club this upcoming year.  Sean is a declared management major, and post graduation he is considering to go rated.


Cadet Spotlight – Catherine Malone

MaloneAthlete, scholar, and Air Force servicewoman who strives for excellence in all her endeavors, Catherine Malone, a 2019-er in Cadet Squadron 20, upholds and embodies these three focuses of USAFA in all that she does. Catherine is a Biology major and is also pursuing a minor in Arabic. After the Fall semester, she earned the Superintendent’s Pin, representing her academic, athletic and military achievements. She is a member of the Women’s Water Polo team in which, during her first season, won the “Most Improved Player” award. In the coming semester, she will be a fitness instructor and teach dance, aerobics, and TRX classes for cadets. In her free time, she volunteers with the Human Trafficking Awareness club, spreading awareness of the national situation, and supporting victims as they go through their recovery.

Cadet Spotlight – Caleigh McLean

McLeanThis week on the spotlight we have Caleigh McLean, originally from New Albany, Indiana and now in cadet squadron 24. She has declared Mechanical Engineering as her major and is also pursuing a minor in Portuguese. Caleigh is on the Women’s Water Polo team here at USAFA and a member of the Portuguese Club. She has managed to balance academics, military duties and athletics putting her on Superintendent’s list. Caleigh aspires to be a civil engineer in the operational Air Force.


Cadet Spotlight – Anthony Vaccaro

Anthony Vaccaro (Center)

This week in the cadet spotlight we have Anthony Vaccaro from Williamsburg, Virginia. He is in cadet squadron 20, a declared management major, and his first semester at the academy he earned Superintendent’s pin. Anthony is on the Sandhurst team which he hopes will help him become a Special Tactics Officer post-graduation.

Cadet Spotlight – Shaun McNally

McNallyThis week in the spotlight is Shaun McNally from cadet squadron 9. Originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Shaun attended the prep school and is a former member of bravo squad. Shaun is a declared Chemistry major and aspires to be a pilot post-graduation. He is also a part of the men’s volleyball team!

Cadet Spotlight – Sonya Kang

Sonya Kang supported by her Honor Guard teammates.

Meet Sonya Kang, hailing from cadet squadron 39 and originally from Osan, South Korea. She is majoring in Behavioral Science and aspires to be a doctor, but is also interested in being a clinical psychologist. At the academy, Sonya was recently recognized as a member of the cadet honor guard and is part of the Orchestra club.

Cadet Spotlight – Jonah Urlaub


Originally from Huntington Beach, California, Jonah Urlaub attended the prep school last year and was in Bravo squad. He is now a member of cadet squadron 17 and plans to major in management. He is an intercollegiate gymnast performing all-around events. Go support him and the rest of the men’s gymnastics team whenever they have a home meet!