Spirit Gear List


The Class of 2019 Spirit Mission and the Cadet Class of 2019 are proud to announce a unique item to commemorate the Commitment Milestone – An individually personalized Commitment Stein! Each stein will feature the Cadet’s name, their new Squadron’s image, the USAFA emblem, Class of 2019 and Commitment text. We have worked hard with USAFA to create this very special item. This is a joint fundraiser for the Class of 2019 and the Spirit Mission.  Ordering is open to 2019 Cadets as well as Parents.  Due to requests to honor their squad during their first two years at USAFA, the squad that they were accepted and recognized into, we are also offering a Recognition Stein. It is also personalized with Cadet’s name, their FIRST squadron’s image, USAFA emblem and the
date and title of Recognition. Celebrate both squads!

The high quality ceramic steins are white with metallic gold banding – they are 22 oz. and are 6.5″ high with a 3″ diameter.  Steins are being offered at $36 each, including shipping to the destination you specify at checkout. Ordering will continue through Parents Weekend and steins should ship within 2-3 weeks of the order being placed. Click here to place your order. You can pay by Paypal or send a check using the form on the site.

More than $10 from each stein will go towards the needs of the Cadet Class for Ring Dance!

Please help support this first joint fundraiser with the Cadet Class and the Spirit Mission.  This is truly a unique keepsake that everyone will cherish!

Thank you for supporting all of the Class of 2019 Cadets — STRONG!

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keychainWe hope your enjoyed your Exemplar Dinner and the Challenge Coins that were provided for you by the Spirit Mission through the support of many of your parents.  As an additional memento for you, your parents, family members, friends, and other interested people, the Spirit Mission Committee would like to introduce the Exemplar Challenge Coin Replica Keychain.

These would make great gifts for your sponsor family, a favorite professor or mentor, your AOC, grandparents, etc.  Affordable and worry free!  Plus, your donation to the Spirit Mission goes directly towards supporting the needs of your Class and your upcoming events.

In return for your donation of $16, you will receive one Exemplar Challenge Coin Replica Keychain.  The size of the Replica Coin is 1.75” in diameter and it is the same high quality as your Challenge Coins, with a 3D image on each side of the metal coin.  The coin is secured by a nice chain and keyring.  The keychain will arrive in 2-3 weeks after your order is placed, and the donation amount includes direct shipping to you.  We accept donations by Paypal or by checks payable to “USAFA Class of 2019 Spirit Mission.”   If you choose to pay by check, click HERE for a printable order form to mail with your check.  You may order more than one but our supplies may be limited, so order soon!

The USAFA Class of 2019 Spirit Mission is a 501(c)(3) organization. Your donation is tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.  Consistent with IRS requirements, we are advising our donors that the amount of the contribution deductible for federal tax purposes is limited to the excess over the value of goods received by the donor. For this event our good-faith estimate is that the donor is receiving goods valued at $9 in exchange for their donation of $16 for each keychain.

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Shirts and other Merchandise

Show your pride by wearing and displaying 2019 Spirit Gear and Merchandise! Our snappy logo is USAFA approved – featuring the Cadet Class Color (Gold), the moon and STRONG to honor their Exemplar, and the jets with starlit sky to symbolize the Cadets’ exciting future. There are lots of styles and sizes – each order is custom printed and shipped to you. We are keeping costs low and all proceeds benefit the Cadet Class.

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Specialty Merchandise

You asked for additional apparel items and we did it! We have opened a Specialty Merchandise Shop featuring our logo. We now are able to offer very nice polos, (think Parent’s Weekend and Graduation events) high quality jackets, embroidered items, zipped hoodies, yoga pants, aprons, duffels and more! New and unique items for men, women, kids and accessories. We earn 12% from each sale and the items are shipped directly to you. Show your pride!

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